Safety Management Consulting

Get expert advice to promote safety, reduce accidents, and win contracts.




In a rapidly changing multinational market economy, the business aspects of occupational health and safety are largely ignored. Contracts, requests for proposals (RFPs), and master service agreements (MSAs) require an effective safety training program, low incident rates, OSHA compliant safety manuals, and performance of safe and competent work within contractor expectations. It’s time to change the way you think about safety. Safety is as much about business continuity as it is about injury prevention and regulatory compliance.

Profit Enhancement

Companies who manage safety well, profit well.

Safety Metrics

Leverage safety metrics to enhance competitive advantage.


Risk Reduction

Reducing risk eliminates uncertainty.

Injury Prevention

Most injuries are preventable events.


Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements means avoiding costly fines and citations.



Align safety with corporate goals and objectives.

Trends Analysis

Identifying lagging and leading indicators promotes safety and business.

Safety Culture

Create a culture of safety within the organization.

Contractor Prequalification Services

The safety services your company needs to win contracts and stay compliant.


Do you need to outsource the management of your company’s ISNetworld® account? Our professional consultants are ready to provide a full maintenance service.

PEC Premier

Have contract that requires PEC Premier® compliance? Let us help with the management process.


Are you going through the motions of a PICS audit? Need some help? Our experienced consultants are ready to help your company get the best possible PICS audit outcome.


Have a corporate client who relies on Veriforce? No problem. Our consultants are ready to assist your company with the support you require.


Need to get compliant with Browz? Our experienced staff is ready to help with the compliance process.

Construct Secure

Does your construction company require Construct Secure for a contract? Our consultants are ready to help your company get through the Construct Secure contractor process.


If your company operates in Canada, the National COR Standard cannot be ignored. Site audits and safety programs are essential to this process. Our professional consultants understand the COR requirements and standards you need for this prestigious industry designation.

MW Consulting provides professional consultations on the prequalification and certification process for the above issuing agencies. Our consultants streamline this process and help your company realize the best possible rating. We do the heavy lifting so your company can focus its resources on other business endeavors. Start-up and maintenance programs are available!

Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer

MW Consulting LLC is a third party service provider and is not affiliated, supported by, or endorsed by ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, PICS® Auditing, Veriforce®, Browz®, Construct Secure®, or COR®.  ISNetworld® is a registered trademark of ISN Software Corporation. All trademarks are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

Health and Safety Training

Get site-specific training. Get OSHA compliant.


Access your online training course at 4:30 AM or any other time you want. It’s even alright if you wear pajamas. We’re not saying a word. Stay flexible with your schedule and work at your own pace.


Have questions about health and safety? Ask our instructors anything about health and safety in the classroom.



Prefer to work on your own with paper and pencil? We have you covered. Earn a training certificate via a correspondence course.

Course Catalog

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Online Training

Online training is a unique way to conveniently get training done on your schedule.

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OSHA Outreach Training

Learn about the OSHA Outreach Training program, its benefits, and requirements.

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Voluntary Employer Recognition Programs

Take safety to the next level with these global and national desginations.

Get Recognition

Earn global and national recognition for safety excellence.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage safety performance to demonstrate low risk as a competitive advantage.


Make your company more efficient by standardizing safety management protocol.

Win Contracts

There’s no doubt about it. Safety wins business.

Whether your company is looking to achieve the OSHA VPP or SHARP designation or the international OHSAS 18001 standard, MW Consulting LLC provides supplemental expertise that aligns with your corporate ambitions. Our highly skilled consultants create solutions and pathways necessary to achieve success in nearly any audit, designation, or certification process.

We’ve assisted on VPP, SHARP, ISO, and OHSAS projects in the past and can bring valuable insight into these types of endeavors. Our process and methodology can be adapted to achieve successful outcomes in any corporate environment. Whether in a strict consulting capacity or project management role, your company can rest assured that our consultants help your organization get the desired outcome.

Professional Services

Audit? Legal problem? OSHA inspection? Expert witness? We got you covered.

Certified Safety Professional

Need a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) for a project? Not a problem.

Expert Witness

Impartial and professional expert witness service can enhance your legal case.

Safety Audits

Safety audits are time consuming and burdensome. Let us help with the audit process and corrective action items.

Site Inspections

An extra set of eyes at the job site can help ensure compliance and reduce injury rates.

Course Design

Effective training begins with course design and needs assessment. Have compliant courses designed to meet the demands of your company.

OSHA Citation Assistance

So OSHA stopped by…now what? You only have 15 working days to contest or negotiate citations. Call us, we can help.

Worker's Compensation

Premiums too high? Claims out of control? Interested in safety discount programs? Get worker’s compensation premiums under control.

Safety Manuals

Tired of trying to keep up with changing regulations? No time to edit the safety manual? We can draft, edit, and amend safety manuals for your industry.